Dr. Bach was the first to re-introduce Flower Essences back in the 1930's. Since then there has been an explosion of interest in this form of medicine and there are thousands of remedies available. In my practice I focus only on the Bach Flowers and I am finding that they are encoded with the medicine we need to support our energy systems through this time of major transitions. I am devoted to this aspect of my work. Flower Essences work by entraining our energy systems back to homeostasis. For them to be truly effective in this way long term use is encouraged.
Bach Flowers treat the individual not the disease. They work specifically on the spiritual/emotions condition of the person concerned. They assist in transforming the negative states to positive, stimulating one’s own potential for self-healing. Two people presenting with the same symptoms may therefore need different essence.

The essences may be taken on their own or in conjunction with other medicines.
They will not conflict with other medications, including homeopathic.
They are completely safe with no side effects. They are non-addictive. They can be safely taken by people of all ages from the new born to the elderly.

The essences cannot be harmful, and so if you take the wrong essence for your condition, it will simply have no effect.

Take at least four drops four times a day, including first thing in the morning and last at night. You can put drops into your daily water bottle, into fruit juice or any other drink, and sip it frequently during the day.

If no liquid is available you can take two drops directly form the stock bottle you buy in the store. This will have a stronger taste of alcohol, as brandy is used as a preservative.

Although there are no side effects, sometimes emotions that have been suppressed, or symptoms such as rash may appear from a short time while the healing is taking place.

I offer Bach Flower sessions. I tailor my sessions to the requests of the client. I encourage everyone to buy their own essences and to build up a supply of them for continued use. If, however, you wish me to send you a bottle there is an additional cost of $15. If you are interested please read about my sessions here and contact me at

Bach Flower Essences are not intended as a substitute for medical treatment.
They are natural remedies that can be bought over the counter in most health food stores. If you are suffering from a medical condition it is always advised that you consult a medical practitioner.