~ Celtic Fire and Faerie  ~

"Language does not touch the one
who lives in each of us
This second knowing is a fountainhead
from within you, moving out
You can't understand this with your mind
You must burst open."

I am beginning this message with the quote above because words truly do fall down in any effort to describe where we are journeying now, as individuals and as a collective. The writing below changes before I have a chance to send it out! This year is the year of definition, of the razor's edge and the Eye of the Needle. All details are being magnified. We are being called to be quiet and to make our choices, even everyday simple choices, from deep within the heart. Our lives and relationships are changing and defining. We are becoming more visible to ourselves. It is a time of challenge, not yet having reached the sweet haven of celebration. Yet we can sense the nectar of delight just a little ahead, like a Honey Bee flying towards a flower dripping with Divine Nectar.

(If any of you know who wrote the quote above I would be immensely grateful to know. I think it is either Rumi or Hafiz. I would like to be able to credit the source.)

Since sending out the last message from the Conclave of the Faerie Godmothers many wonderful areas of information and inspiration have been falling into place. As they begin to form a picture for me I am understanding the beautiful interconnection between them all. If you stay with me here I will give an account of some of them and you will begin to perceive the magical message that is coming through from so many different sources. I believe myself that all of this is an inspiration from the Inner Realms of Nature - the Realms of Light where the Great Beings of Nature and the multitudinous families of nature spirits reside. Our Great Mother Earth/Gaia/Danu is sending a call to us all. I know many of us are hearing the call in our own way. Please read through the information below and see the wonderful picture that is being created.
Since I sent the last message I have done a Circle of Healing Prayer for the Honey Bee. If you would like to listen to the recording you can hear the Circle for the Honey Bee by using this link and scrolling down to the picture of the Bee. I can only begin to describe the revelations that are still coming through by touching into the magic of the hive. When I was writing my book The Flaming Serpent I touched into this magic - having the Soul memory of projecting my consciousness into the body of a bee and experiencing the marvelous feeling of flying towards a flower to collect honey. I understood then that there was a whole esoteric world to the Bee and that some of the ancient High Druids were Bee Masters. This led me to read two books, the Shamanic Way of the Bee and a little book simply entitled Bees by Rudolf Steiner.

Rudolf Steiner has been a great teacher for many of us. His teachings came into my life when I was about 19 years old. I expressed some of Steiner's wisdom during the Circle. Steiner tells us that the Bees are from the next octave of evolution, hailing from Venus. We know Venus as the planet of  Love. The Honey Bee is an expression of Venusian consciousness. What does that mean? By studying the activity of the hive we understand that the hive has a soul. It is the soul of the hive that is the consciousness of the hive. Each bee is an expression of that unified consciousness. We hear so much on Earth these days about us all being ONE, about coming back into unified consciousness, about surrendering our will to the Divine Will. The Honey Bee is the expression of all those things. Yes, it takes a little trustful meditation to reap the harvest of the truth of this. Each of us has an innate resistance to giving up our ego. The ego holds to separation. Separation cracks the crystal of unified presence.
The Bee creates its honeycomb in hexagrams. It draws the silicic acid from the flowers to make the honey and the wax. Silicic acid is the same ingredient that quartz crystals are formed from. We contain Silica within our own bodies. It is one of the ingredients of healthy hair, teeth and bones. By making sure we have enough Silica in our systems we can guard against many disorders including osteoporosis. Under a microscope the hexagonal shape can be seen in the bone. To read a little more about Silica and our health click here.
The hexagram is what forms naturally around the boundaries of the six pointed star. The six pointed star has been called the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon. It is also related to the Merkabah. We can understand the 'star' within the hexagram as the Sun/Son and the walls of the hexagram as the living temple.

For the moment I want to 'jump' to another subject. We are all familiar with Masaru Emoto and his book Messages from Water and the Universe. I would encourage us all to read that book or re-read it as the case may be. There is so much wisdom, so simply presented in that book. The most important point here is that when we project higher states of consciousness into water beautiful water crystals are formed (which can be seen when the water is frozen and placed under a microscope). What is obvious from looking at the photos in Emoto's little book is that these water crystals are formed in hexagrams.
Although I am not touching into the importance of Sound in this writing I do believe that the Solfeggio Frequencies which have found the complete missing pure tonal notes of the Core Frequencies of Creation are related to this focus.  Please follow this link to read more about this profound subject Shekina and Blue Ray Transmissions.
And follow this link to read about the effects of the Solfeggio Frequencies in healing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most fascinating developments is the use of 'the sound of the sun' to create through advanced technology the most beautiful crystals in water.
So where are we now with the picture that is forming? Quartz crystals form in hexagrams. Honey Bees create their honeycombs in hexagrams. Honey itself is related to crystals coming from the same substance. Honey has within it the hexagram. Honey Bees are from the planet of love. Love and gratitude form hexagonal water crystals in water. Our bodies are made up of water and we have the hexagram shape within the very structure of our bodies.
OK, so our picture is coming together, but there are still some important pieces.
Some years ago many of us became aware of David Hawkins and his Scale of Consciousness. Hawkins brought through some truly enlightening information. Consciousness vibrates at whatever frequency our thoughts and feelings are vibrating on. Hawkins' Scale is from 0-1000. Zero to 20 on the scale reflects states of shame. 500 on the scale is Love (which I would call Heart Resonance). 1000 is enlightenment. Hawkins states most of humanity vibrates below 200. In his book Power vs. Force David explains this scale of consciousness lucidly and if you have not read his book I would encourage you to so and to have it on your shelf of reference books. He also brought forth the illuminating information that consciousness vibrating at higher frequencies has a counterbalancing effect on the lower frequencies. This counterbalancing takes place in a logarhythmic fashion and so it takes far less people vibrating in the higher frequencies to counterbalance great numbers of those who are still holding a lower frequency.
So David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness is another piece to the picture.
Very recently I listened to a lecture given by Stephen Pollitt. This was broadcast by Ananda Global Village as part of their online presentations. I am giving the link to the lecture here. You do need to register with Ananda and pay a small fee of $10 to hear the lecture, but it is well worth while. The first few minutes of the sound quality are very poor, but it picks up quickly.
Stephen Pollitt has created a healing modality which he has named Source Energy Medicine. He states that he believes this modality is Divinely inspired and I would agree with this. Divine inspiration is ever waiting for us to hear and to act upon the impulses coming through and I believe Stephen did just that when he was inspired to create this system. What is Source Energy Medicine? Stephen draws together the information from Emoto on water and applying it to David Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness he has created labels to put facing inward on water containers. These various labels create a system whereby we are assisted in raising our frequency on this Scale of Consciousness, divesting ourselves of the lower frequency emotions such as shame, guilt, anger and fear. The objective is to raise our vibration to 200 and above. 200 is the level of courage. At this level we are coming into the sovereignty of taking responsibility for our own state of being.
Stephen Pollitt offers a downloadable copy of his book Heal Thyself and all the labels needed to implement this system for no charge. They are available on his website Source Energy Medicine.
When we read Emoto's work we understand that water receives messages from consciousness and creates accordingly. We can use a word written on a piece of paper. When we read David Hawkins we know that the more we are in love, joy and bliss the healthier we are. Stephen is giving us the way to re-qualify our systems through the simple drinking of water that has been imbued with higher frequency messages.
Let us go back to the Bees for a moment. We have understood that the bee creates the hexagonal shape. The bee lays its eggs within these little hexagrams of wax within the honey comb. The egg is then infused with the hexagonal force. What is really interesting is that within the hive there is the queen and the queen larva, the worker bees (female) and the drones (male). The queen eggs grow within a spherical pouch.  The worker bees and the drones grow within the hexagonal cells. A worker bee matures in 21 days. This is not a random number. Nothing within nature, including our own bodies, is a random creation. It takes the Sun 21 days to make one revolution on its own axis. During the 21 days that it takes a female bee to mature it is exposed to every phase of the sun's revolution. It is imbued thoroughly and completely with the energy of the sun. One photo in Emoto's book is a picture of water exposed to sunlight. The water forms the most beautiful hexagonal water crystals. The hive receives the force from the sun into its receiving cells. Within these cells the worker bees are birthed ready to go forth and gather the nectar from the flowers. One of the most beautiful messages from the Bees is that their work is their JOY. When they enter the flower they go into a state of bliss. The flower represents the more evolved states of the nature kingdom. The bees and flowers create bliss together and this bliss ripples out into the aura of Earth's greater body.
Another interesting picture in Emoto's book is the picture that water forms when it is shown a picture of the Earth. Perhaps sadly the crystal that forms is not complete and is a little misshapen.  Could this be a message from the water about the health of our mother planet? When the message came through from the Faerie Godmothers I was hearing that places of renewal are needed, sanctified gardens where we are co-creating consciously with the Devas of Nature. I know that will be a great focus during my upcoming classes. So, having this information about Mother Earth let us proceed.
We have all heard much about the crystalline grids of earth that are being created through the 'new consciousness' on Earth. These grids are energetic. Yet one of the ways that many of us have been called to anchor these grids is through the use of crystals. In my own work with the Faerie Realm we have been 'planting' Faerie Rings made of Heart Crystals for years now. I know others have been called to place crystals in so many places.
We have already touched into the fact that the crystal is created around the hexagonal shape. It is created from Silica, the same substance that the bee draws from the flower to create honey and the wax to build the hexagonal honeycomb. We know that crystals can be 'programmed'. We also know now that water can be programmed. We have been building the crystalline body of consciousness on Earth and truly we can see now that we have been building the etheric 'honeycomb' (temple) to receive the Divine Nectar of New Consciousness (the Sun/Son). Yet more work is needed and Nature is truly calling to us. We know that the Bees are not thriving any longer on Earth. They need our assistance in building the JOY and BLISS grids of Earth and that is what this writing is all about.
How do we do that? By developing states of Bliss within our own being. We do this through Spiritual practice and it would seem clear now that we can assist ourselves to qualify our bodies for the higher states of consciousness through working with water. Spending time in Nature is another important way we can elevate our frequencies, becoming more enlightened and in heart resonance with the birds, the bees, the flowers and the endless treasures of the Natural Kingdom. One of the most wonderful and exciting ways is to become more conversant with the Nature Spirits themselves and the Faeries. The Faerie Realm exists at the high frequency of the Heart of Love. As we increase in consciousness, going up the Scale we move into states of love, joy and bliss. We then become more like the bees (and like the Faeries!). Our work becomes our JOY and it causes states of bliss within us. This happens when our work is aligned completely with the greater Will ("Not my will but thine be done"). When we are aligned with the great Will our egos are at peace and in harmony with our purpose. We experience a great feeling of fulfillment and we are simultaneously in service to the greater plan on Earth. We are working productively for the human hive! We hear much about the energy from the Sun and in esoteric lore the Sun is understood as higher consciousness. The words Sun and Son have been interchanged in many writings. Steiner tells us that eating honey helps the form or solidity of the body. If we eat too much honey we could become too rigid. We also know that the hexagram is the most efficient shape for building and is very strong. The Sun/Son is the source of the nectar that helps to create and hold together the solidity of the Earth and our bodies. This force is related to higher states of consciousness. When we align with it completely we 'enlighten' our forms.
Being a flower essence practitioner and being married to a professional gardener means that flowers and growing things are a great part of my life. What I have realized through my attunements to the inner realms of Faerie and the Nature Spirits is that the Faerie activity is greatly diminished on Earth around the places where humans are busy creating less then beautiful things and sadly there are many such places. They gather in the more pristine places of nature OR where humans are consciously co-creating with nature. When a gardener is in love with his garden the nature spirits and the bees are attracted to that love.
One of the interesting things about nature is, in Steiner's words "In nature, every deficiency, every shortage calls forth an opposing power". When we think of the bee busily taking the nectar from the flowers, what effect does this have on the flowers? "When the bee removes the honey nectar from the plants, nature does not look idly by, but creates even more such fruitful plants". Love multiplies energies exponentially for the good of all. When this force is not present it leads to depletion of resources.
The Call that I received from the Conclave of the Faerie Godmothers was to create a sacred space to share the force of love, the frequencies of the high heart so that the beings of nature could come closer to us and communicate. If we dare to put the Faeries on the Scale of Consciousness we would see that the pure, protected Faeries within the Inner Realms cannot come into a frequency within our hearts of less than 500. According to Hawkins most of humanity is still below 200. Heart centered living raises us to the level of love which is at 500 on the scale. I encourage everyone to refer to the complete information on the Scale of Consciousness that is in Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.
The implications of what is being shared here are endless in their application. We speak of sacred community. Many are having the vision of the growth of sacred communities all over the earth. Ananda is one such community and it is interesting to me that the very word Ananda means JOY or Divine Bliss in Sanskrit. Ananda community is one of the most successful communities of its kind. Could this be because it is built along the Divine Inspiration! Ananda is based on the high teachings of the Yogic Christs. Many of us are familiar with these teachings through the very special book The Autobiography of a Yogi. It is interesting to 'test' this book on the Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness. It comes out between 950 and 1000. The teachings of these great yogis is the pathway to Bliss.
In this magic window of time I ordered another book entitled Babaji by M. Govindan. I opened to a page where I read " Maanicka Vaachagar (775-807 A.D.) in his mellifluous ruby-like utterances -  has pointed out the gradual transformation of his body into a body of love. He has sung that God-Shiva ordained for him an ecstasy-bubbling body with a melting heart and pumped streams of wonderful and sweet Ambrosia into the minute holes and pores of his bones and even into the hair root of his frame and filled it up, to overflowing which converted his body into a body of Grace. Finally He (God) transformed this body of the saint into a Body of Bliss and converted him into Shiva Himself."
Interesting that the very word mellifluous stems from the same root as Melissa the Greek word for the Honey Bee. We can picture here the very bones becoming a honey comb full of the nectar of Divine Bliss. When I read this it reminded me of one of my own poems expressing a state of bliss. I use the phrase "my nectar full of pollen bones". (Chapter 12 Flaming Serpent).
Bringing the metaphor a little further we could even say that we are as a species learning to grow spiritual wings that can carry us safely to the higher levels of being, by infusing our hexagonal structure with LOVE, JOY and BLISS. We do this by raising our consciousness out of the danger areas of shame, guilt, anger, fear etc. Through spiritual practice and sacred community we are assisted in our focus. The more we assist each other the more we rise.
It is my perception that we are forming a great cluster, or perhaps a number of clusters, each one focused around a new Queen of consciousness. And when we are ready, Divinely prepared, we will instinctively and intuitively swarm out of the old hives and create new communities that are centered in love, joy and Divine purpose.
If you would like to open to inspiration from the Faerie Realm perhaps you would like to attend some of my upcoming teleconference classes.
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