A sample of three poems from:

Connemara Evening Down

Poems from Lough Corrib

1988 – 1992

Rain falls gentle
Connemara evening down
Onto this blue shore
Land of eternal mythos
Emerald rainglow
Translucent we stand potted
Three golden kingcups
Prismed at the end of your rainbow.


The bog’s aglow with asphodel
Beneath an amethyst sky
Past Oughterard in autumn
The wind is wild
No more summer blue mountains
Lucidity of light
Rather this low rust amber glow
Before the winter of onyx night.


Low thunder under Libra
And in the autumn ash
The evening rain hangs opulent
Your face in the window waiting
Primal nurture to my pulsing soul
Deeply home now
I enfold your tiny form
And looking out together over Libra
Our dream body is pinned with stars
Across an October sky.