~ ~ Drums of the Heart ~ ~

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Some years ago Cynthia Stacey, aka Thea, came across my poem Drums of the Heart, which at that time was posted on my homepage (
www.celticfireandfaerie.com). She asked if she could put it to music. I agreed. I so enjoy Thea & The GreenMan and their uplifting music. Shortly after that Thea & The GreenMan came to Colorado for a musical gathering. I went along. It was a wonderful, intimate gathering of real musicians and songsters. I enjoyed it immensely and was invited to read a poem from my book (The Flaming Serpent), which was then just published. For me it was like being back home in Ireland for an evening of live spontaneous musical sharing. I came away very inspired.

As the gathering dispersed Thea called together Jenny Bird and Tina Collins, two of her close friends with beautiful singing voices, handed them the script of Drums of the Heart and I got to hear them working it into a melody together. Pretty awesome!!!

That was about two years ago. Since then Thea has been working hard to get an album together. Just a few weeks ago she sent me the finished version of the song. I really love it. It is the first time a poem of mine has been put to music. I like this form of co-creation.

I have decided to sell this track as a .mp3 as a fundraiser. The monies thus gathered will go towards the manifestation of two dreams, Thea’s dream of completing the CD, and my dream of creating a little Mandir/Temple on our newly bought land. I so hope that you are all inspired to buy this song. I am including some of the lyrics below so that you get a feel of what the song is about. Please honor that the lyrics are copyrighted and do not copy or share for profit.

(Lyrics - two stanzas)

I remember the moors and the sound of the sea
I remember your heart beating next to me
I remember the dawn in the circle of the stones
As it shot through the ethers into our bones

I am the eyes now can’t help but seeing
You have returned and your Soul is seething
Its time to remember the ancient power

Runs in our veins this present hour

For those of you who have read my book this music is a lovely idea of what the music would sound like within the story. Some BEAUTIFUL fiddle playing.