Faerie Ring Gemstones

Faerie Ring Gem Stones ~ All Heart Stones


Faerie Ring Gemstones

Green Calcite – East

Helps us to remember the original perfection of our bodies and to appreciate all the creative forces of nature. It assists in astral travel, amplifies all other energies and clears and activates all the charkas. Particularly effective in clearing the Heart Chakra through its prismatic action.

Ruby – South
Opens the Heart Chakra. It protects and shields us from harm. It assists us in attaining our ultimate values. Encourages our loving, nurturing nature and increases our wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. Gathers and amplifies energy. Helps mental concentration.
Helps to lessen the burdens we carry on our shoulders.

Rhodochrosite – West

Stone of love and balance. Emits electrical energy of love, one of the most powerful energies in universe. This stone is encompassed by presence of heavenly energies filled with the Golden Sphere of light. This is the place of ecstasy and encountering our twin soul. Assists in creating New World of love and dreams. Balances male and female energies and assists in the Healing of Mother Earth – the Mother/Mater/Matter of us all.

Emerald – North

Stone of successful love, sensitivity and loyalty. Helps us in right action. Assists in opening the Heart Chakra. Increases intensity and focus and centeredness in practicality of one’s life’s work. Helps bring awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition. Helps one to emit the radiance of light.

Quartz – Center

Quartz is found throughout the world and used extensively in Ireland in the ancient structures. Clear quartz has a perfect atomic structure. Its growth pattern has structure either of right or left-handed spiral – helical growth – from Helios – Sun. Quartz is actually energized by the sun and the moon and the seasons. Unique quality – when polarized light is passed through it the light bends to become the rainbow. This bending produces a balance between magnetism and electricity. These two energies when joined with consciousness are the three energies that make up the triple pro-creative spiral forces of the Planet Earth. When this light is directed onto a “plate” its image is the same as in a cross section of DNA – equal armed cross within a circle!! ( Basic shape of Faerie Ring!) Quartz is an activator of the word. It holds within it the six pointed Star. It holds the energy of the earth star.


Some of this information is from Love is in the Earth by Melody

And The Lost Magic of Christianity by Michael Poynder