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 The Faerie Godmothers
Sessions and CDs

I am now offering CDs and 30 minute Private Sessions with the Faerie Godmothers as a continuation and deeper journey after my previous class,
From the Conclave of the Faerie Godmothers - Call of the Unicorn

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Purchase CDs of the course - From the Conclave of the Faerie Godmothers - Call of the Unicorn

CDs are $44 each
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CD One - Classes 1-6

Call of the Unicorn CD 1

1 - From the Inner Ring of the Old Tribe
2 - Meeting the Faerie Godmothers and the Unicorn
3 - Heaven-World Pool of the Sacred Hazel
4 - The Forest of the Golden Hawks
5 - Starseed Activation
6 - The Druid Moo

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CD Two - Classes 7-12

Call of the Unicorn CD 2

7 - Inner Lands of the White Ladies
8 - The Land that Matters
9 - Wisdom in a Nutshell
10 - Our Original Immaculate Image
11 - The Fire-Born
12 - Lady of the Ninth Wave -
Opening the Magical Threshholds

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Sessions with The Faerie Godmothers

NOTE: Sessions are by referral only. Please send an email to Áine if you would like to book a session. Please contact her BEFORE you pay. Thank you.

During the Call of the Unicorn Classes we have been introduced to thirteen very special Faerie Godmothers who reside within the deepest Conclave of Faerie ~ and I am now offering 20 minute sessions during which time one or more of these wondrous beings will present and give you a personal reading ~

Readings are $44:
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You can either choose the Faerie Godmother you wish to connect with during the session ~ or open and allow whichever one is called in the moment to be with you.

1.  Lady of the Sapphire Heart ~ Divine Power of Faerie ~ Blue Star energies ~ over-lights Ancient Blue Stones ~ Star Sapphire is her stone.

2. Lady of the Emerald Harp ~ Muse of the Bards, Poets, Musicians and Artists ~ Lady of Inspiration ~ assists in bringing through and expressing Divine Beauty in form. The Emerald is her Stone.

3. Lady of the Coral Reef ~ aligned with the Coral Reef off the west coast of Ireland ~ represents magic unfolding ~ she works particularly with pink/rose coral, but assists and over-lights the Deva of all Corals including the black, red, blue, white and horn shaped ~

Black Coral absorbs negation
Pink Coral heals the heart and opens us to the intuitive aspects of love
Red Coral aligns us with the natural forces of the Universe. It assists us in exploring the 'wilderness within' and stimulates healing of the  root chakra (survival issues, tribal fear, abundance)
White Coral elevates the Crown frequency through assisting in clearing it through intention and aligning it with all the other chakras.
Blue Coral clears and aligns the throat, navel and third eye.
Horn Coral also called the Dragon's Tooth attunes us to ancient civilizations and to animals, particularly our totem animal.

To read more on Coral refer to Love is in the Earth by Melody.
This Lady’s Stone is Pink Coral.

4. Lady Rowan Berry ~ Star Being ~ infusing Star energy into the Rowan Tree on a continuous basis. Imbues the energies of quickening, courage and protection, particularly on the Spiritual Levels.

5. Lady of the Triple Flame - Mighty Lady of Divine Fire ~ holds the energy of the Three in One on many levels of Being ~ holds the imprints for the Tribe of the Tuatha Dé Danann ~ the Triple Spiral is a Star Gylph encoded with remembrance of our Star Homes.

6. Lady of the Sun ~ hails from the Temple of the Sun and beyond to the Sun behind the Sun and the Sun behind that ~ Celestial counterpart of Lugh Lamhfhada, her radiance emanates into the Goddesses of the Tuatha and Sidhe who particularly carry the Golden Disk of the Sun within their hearts, e.g. Áine, Bríd, Grian, Gráinne.

7. Lady of the Ninth Wave ~ probably the most mysterious of the Faerie Godmothers as her realms are beyond the magical threshold where few venture. Yet, she holds within her energies the seed potential for all to transcend off the karmic wheel and return to the Paradise Lands beyond the ninth wave.

8. Lady Lavender Moon ~ visually very, very beautiful, emanating a soft lavender light. She works with the magic of the moon and is the Queen of the Elfin Realm.

Inner Ring of the 5 White Ladies ~

Protected by the Ladies of the Colored Rays, the White Ladies represent core innocence and purity ~ the white core fire of the Divine Source of Faerie ~

1. Lady Hawthorn ~ Dancing Blossom ~ holds deep medicine for the heart on all levels from heartache to physical heart illness.
2. Lady Birch ~ Silver White ~ stewardship ~ compassion.
3. Lady White Rose ~ purity ~ Shakti ~ cranial and spinal alignment.
4. Lady White Lily ~ Divine Mother ~ healing of the feminine line of DNA ~
5. Lady Apple Star ~ purification ~ Tree of Life activation ~ Paradise Codes.

Faerie Godmother Session - $44
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MP3 Recording of Session (optional) - $6

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My sessions and information are a form of Spiritual Healing. They do not claim to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor are they intended to prescribe in any way