A sample of three poems from:

Golden Birds of Soul

Colorado 1999

Moss Rock

You urge me to go deeper
Into lion country
You seem so unaware
I like your innocence
And so we move lightly
Beneath the snow branches
At noon
Mind is colored winds
More beautiful than I can speak
When the thoughts are whole
And ripened with ethereal fruit

Beneath a great hump
Of perfectly rounded snow
We find the moss rock
Muse of ages, thoroughly alive
Watching over the vast expanse
Of this inner realm.

You have placed the signs
The symbols, they look
Like rocks and trees
But we know now
They are the guarded gateways
To infinity

Now eye see you hear and there
No thought can hold you
Only being can know you
Through the fullness of spring rain
On this awakening earth seed.


Golden Birds of Soul

Dawn climbs the high plains
Throwing rose essence hue
All through the mountain clouds
The house yawns
And shakes the closet corners
Into day
And I rise slowly to greet you.

Womb tides bring us back
Into earth form
Golden birds of soul
Riding the high waves

Vision of hawks
Swift on ether wings
We fly the deep divide

Gathering now
Like the black crows
At dawn
We circle the higher peaks
And then descend together

And in the winter sun set
We return in circling clouds
As you watch
From the white front porch
Where the sun chairs wait
For the return of summer heat.


The Dagda

Here between worlds, it is forever
Irish summer twilight
With the air sounds of soft spoken Irish
Dia is Muire Dhuit
Mother and God be with you, in you
This is the sacred threshold
Beannachtai go deo
Blessings are forever
Nothing like the raw Atlantic
Sea salt wind to purge
The old ghosts from the belfry
Of my stark and naked vision
We could go mad here
Better have another beer
Tune the faery fiddle, tap the feet
The pooka and the Banshee are howling grief
Across the moors and
I have seen all the way through death’s doors
You ask me what I saw, I’ll tell you true
We are the creators of the inner planes
Think and it is so
Better to be merry as you go
As you go over the threshold
To the Emerald Place
Wash your hands, wash your face
Spin a reel, jump a jig
Hear the Piper in the reeds
See the imprints on the sand
Greater than we, the Dagda
Has lain a strip of faery gold
For the bold to follow
Follow me, follow you
Place the crown upon the queen
Beauty is not always seen
Feel the scent of freedom
Plunging through the earthly guts
Hear the call, surrender all

We set sail beneath the moon
You and I together
This is the way of no return
Turned it all forever
Spun the yarn, shaped the clay
As the sun cracks open another day
We will have gone over.
Over and Out from the earthen ring
Slan go deo don domhain
Bun as coin mirrored fall
Good bye now, forever.

Dia is Muire Dhuit – god and his mother be with you (Hello)
Beannachtai go deo – blessings forever
Dagda – god of the Tuatha de Danann
Slan go deo don domhain – goodbye to the world forever
Bun os coin – upside down (literally – down side on top!)