Spiritual accommodation Beara Peninsula Ireland


Naturally handcrafted goat milk soap, using only the finest ingredients along with our own farm fresh goat milk.  Lusciously creamy and deliciously scented, moisturizing soaps.  Give your precious skin a healthy treat and allow us to share our "happy goat energy" with you. 


C.A.R.E. Alternatives Center treats the "whole you".  They use a technique called Aromatic RSCS which is extremely individualized to your specific issue.  Give them a look on their web site. I highly recommend this center for those in the Denver area.

Barbara Schroeder. C.A.R.E. Alternatives Center. 720-985-3204 www.carealternativescentercom

Soulsign is an actively embodied vision of the full-light human.
Soul astrology, breath meditations and soundwork. “The Soul’s Desire
is always to experience itself through its material Identity,
while the aspiration of Identity is to realize itself as Soul.
They are like two lovers locked together moving differently to the same song."

Christina Blume is one of those rare natural Healers with
a profound relationship to the Devic Kingdom. She makes
lots of Essences and other magical lotions, salves etc.
She is also a treasured friend of mine and I highly
recommend her work.

This site contains untold riches. Maia brings through incredible information from Thoth. She touches on the Tuatha de Danann and the Sidhe and has invaluable information on the Grail.

Tom Kenyon is a sound healer of unusual ability. His voice awakens and nourishes. He brings through information from the Hathors and Mary Magdelene.

Bryan de Flores brings through accelerators in art form. Very useful and beautiful. You can see his art work here.

This is a local site here in Colorado. You will find short introductions to many of the mythological characters in the Irish myths.

One of the very best sites I have found for researching Irish mythologies. All the stories are here. Also a wonderful site for exploring the Sacred Sites of Ireland. Endlessly rich.

Martin Byrne is intimately in touch with the Carrowkeel, Carrowmore, Knocknaree area of Co. Sligo. His site is definitely worth a visit.

Bridin is building a beautiful dream in her center in Co. Clare. If you are looking for somewhere to go to replenish your spirit have a look at this site.

Machaelle Small Wright is an incredible woman, who works in co-creation with Nature. She has a center called Perelandra in Virginia. Here she makes the Perelandra Flower Essences. She has written many truly helpful books, including MAP, which teaches you how to work with your own personal etheric medical program, and a book called Flower Essences, which teaches you how to make and use flower essence medicine.

Anastasia is a remarkable book, a true story, written by Vladimir Megre. It is translated from Russian, and is part of a series of books
called The Ringing Cedars. Slowly the whole series is being translated. These are very important books, especially for those of us consciously working with the beloved realm of Nature. If you do choose to read them you will be assisted in developing a whole new relationship with nature and how to work with the Nature Spirits to co-create a better world.

Helena Nelson-Reed is an artist of true vision. Visit her site and be enriched. Her subject matter is a familiar world to those who resonate with the work of Celtic Fire and Faerie.

Kerrie Hobbs Barrett, my sister-in-law, is a wonderful artist, who specializes in painting wild life. She is especially gifted in depicting the Spirit of the animal through painting their eyes. Have a look at her beautiful work here - 

Claudia Ingraham designs radiant crystalline and stone beaded jewelry using her intuitive connection with the Crystal, Devic and Unicorn kingdoms. She loves to create custom designs for your highest well being.

Claudia also performs space clearings on people, houses, offices and land. She is based in Denver, Colorado.

Peace Across the Planet is a project of Elementals of Life, a living and breathing 501c(3) organization that brings Shiva Lingam Stones from India to the West to anchor them in the Earth for community and Peace.