~ Celtic Fire and Faerie  ~

*The Gnomes*
And the Creation of Gnome Stations
This week we held a Circle of Healing Prayer for the Gnomes. It was quite magical. However, it seems that they are intent upon getting their message to a wider audience and so I am writing an article as well. There isn't really any alternative. They are pretty persistent. They know they have my attention and so here goes - 

The Gnomes are actually attempting to communicate with many of us - and so if you are feeling any Gnome activity around you pay heed. This may be a new thing and so you may not be paying enough attention - I am basically transcribing here what they are saying and showing me.
I am including the recording of the call on the Gnomes so anyone who wants to listen can do so. It is listed just below Circle of Healing Prayer on my homepage. Here is the link to the Homepage. The balance of the Gnome habitats on Earth are falling into a negative. Too much of the surface has been made unsuitable for healthy Gnome activity and so they have withdrawn deeper into the Earth.
Gnomes are commissioned to be the guardians of a certain area and they do not like to leave. It gives them  great pain and they tend to fall into confusion and fear when their homes are removed. One has to stay quite balanced when one can see what happens in the invisible planes as the little ones of nature do suffer greatly because of our unconsciousness - particularly since the industrial and agricultural 'revolutions'. Since that time we have fallen out of the beautiful harmonic with nature. Before then those who dwelt in the rural areas were quite intimate with their 'piece of land' and even if they were not seeing the Gnomes they 'sensed' the correct way of working with the land.  Many superstitions actually did protect the nature spirits and Gnomes. Organized religion and science have both discredited the magical realms and with that there has been a disconnection between the land and the spirit of the people. Now with so many huge cities and highways, and with so much arable land being sprayed and continuously turned the balance is quite out of the divine harmonic.
I think we all know these things. Mostly we are now focusing on how we can correct what we have been doing. I believe there are enough of us now focused on this change and we all have our own area of focus. The Faerie Realm and the interface between that realm and the human realm has been my focus since 1999. When I first started to speak of these things there were small pockets of people gathering to hear. But now the outreach is truly growing and more and more people are coming on board to learn how to consciously work with these generally invisible beings.
What the Gnomes are asking for is what they are calling Gnome Stations - literally little stations that we create where they can safely come to the surface and interface with us, with the sunlight, animals and the birds they love so much. Gnomes do not like living underground all the time. Yes, their Gnomes Homes are beneath the surface, in caves, under the roots of trees or in the more quiet places in housing developments, but they are not designed to live all the time beneath the ground, just like we would begin to wilt if we never went outdoors.
They are asking us to create safe spaces, to mark them, to communicate with our heart light to them. Gift them, (my suggestion), leave little crystals, or big crystals, figures of Gnomes. If you craft make little figures out of wood or metal or even stone or crystal. Leave dried herbs or little bunches of flowers for them. If you have a garden have a Gnome Station at the foot of a tree, and seed some wild flowers there. Gnomes LOVE the flowers.

As it says in the recording, Gnomes originally lived in little Gnome communities or villages that formed an infrastructure all over the Earth and these communities were connected. There were and still are messenger Gnomes between the Gnome villages. However, many of the Gnome pathways have been destroyed and so their communication system has had to shift and change and depend more on the winged messengers, the angels and faeries. There are special angels and faeries that work untiringly with the healing of the Gnomes. We can truly compare the Gnomes with the indigenous tribes of the Earth. Their stories are very similar.
One of the sadder aspects of this for me is to witness the darker Gnomes. They were not dark to start with, but through their interaction with humans, many times through abusive relationships, they have taken on the more negative qualities of their less enlightened masters. Much of my initial work with the magical ones was retrieving and clearing those nature spirits, Gnomes  and Elves who truly needed to be brought into 'recovery'. This is an ongoing task and focus for the healing angels and faeries.
Each of us has a Gnome assigned to us. Many people don't know that and so the Gnome works away the best it can, but you can imagine what it would be like being in a close relationship when the other person didn't even know you were there! Pretty tiring and lacking in exchange of energies. The Gnomes work with our bones, with our structure and they work with the stones which are greatly part of the structure of our Great Mother's body. Gnomes truly can assist us to be healthy, to be strong and to have a firm 'back bone' to get us through the frays of life.
They have families and the gentlemen Gnomes are truly very protective of their woman folk. The woman don't tend to interface with humans, unless the human is of a very gentle disposition. The woman Gnomes are as protective of their children as the men Gnomes are protective of the woman. So seeing a Gnome child is pretty rare - though I have seen them riding on the backs of rabbits. I do consider myself very lucky in being able to perceive this magical world, though my heart does ache for the time when we will all be conscious again and in open loving relationship. We are all co-creating that future right now.
The more our children (and indeed our 'inner children') are allowed to believe in magic the more our world will be healed. The more video games that are made with pure energy and as educational tools the purer we will grow our children. If there is anyone out there with the ability to make beautiful, educational video games for our children I am sure that there are many parents ready to buy such games. Video games about the magical realms would be so wonderful. Unfortunately the children are targeted by the 'market of the world' and we know as parents that the standard of many of the video games is disturbing to us in the violence and the addictive energies that seem to grasp our children. This truly is one of the places where change can be welcomed. From my own experience the more we tune into the magical beings the more we are inspired. I am sure the Gnomes would just love to inspire some really wonderful video games!
If anyone reading this works in public parks or gardens, or even in libraries and schools, quietly introducing Gnomes will truly bring in the magic. Imagine a public park with a section devoted to the Gnomes, little caves and crystals and Gnome figures. We need more such places - not commercial places, freely accessible public places.
We can introduce our children and grandchildren to the healing qualities of crystals. Every crystal has a little Guardian, either a Crystal Being or a Gnome. Ask the child to 'tune in' and imagine the little Being that is with their stone or crystal. Ask them if they hear a name, or can imagine a name. There are many children now just longing to know these things. There are many magical children among us. And many of us are now the Elders. We are 'growing' the generation that will be so very active in 20 and 30 years. Let us inspire them to create a magical world.

With writing this article I am already 'out on a limb' so I may as well keep going!!! The other evening in a class we had a very wonderful Leprechaun join us. He in-formed us that Leprechauns are the 'Star Elders' in the Gnome Kingdom. The treasure at the end of the rainbow is truly the celestial treasure of heightened consciousness when we embody the rainbow - the full spectrum of divine light - the seven rays of creation. When a Leprechaun gives us three wishes it is to test us. What do we choose? What is our hearts desire? If our desire is still self centered the wishes come to naught. If however, our desire is a noble one and beneficial to  more than just ourselves the wish may then be granted!!! So best to keep this in mind for the next time you meet a Leprechaun. Leprechauns are particularly Irish, and Ireland does tend to be the Faerie Headquarters of the world!!!! As you can see I am not even slightly biased here!!!! However, other traditions have the equivalent to Leprechauns but named in the local languages. I do believe the Menehunes of Hawaii may be of similar nature. However, I have yet to personally meet a Menehune, though I do know someone who has!
Gnomes are the crafters of Faerie along with the Pixies. Gnomes love to work with metal and design incredibly intricate buckles for their Gnome belts and for their Gnome shoes. Shoes are of great importance to them. Of course they make their own shoes and also make shoes for other magical beings. A really good Gnome crafter may be invited to make the shoes for a Wizard or even a Faerie Queen. They also work with stone and wood, though it is the Pixies that excel with wood cravings and sculptures. The older Gnomes train the younger ones in their crafts much like the guild system in Germany. What is marked about all of their creations is the JOY with which they are created and the JOY in wish they are shared. Some of the Gnomes who have advanced Crystal Knowledge have the distinguishing mark in their clothing of having beautifully carved crystal buttons.
Gnomes are a little raucous when they start to sing together as they tend to get 'carried away'. Although they may not be the sweetest singers they are fabulous at keeping a rhythm and they create the frames for drums, big drums and small hand drums. One of their favorite activities is playing the big Gnome Om drum which holds a central place in their villages. The Gnome Om Drum is big enough for up to twenty Gnomes to play at the same time, ( correction 21 Gnomes !) standing in a circle around it. (Although I have seen them jumping on the drum when they get 'carried away' by the rhythm!) Everyone in Faerie Land is familiar with the Gnome Om Drum as are many of the woodland creatures. It has a powerful magic to it and is tuned to the Heart of Mother Earth.
The Gnomes work with our bones. Recently we learned how the beautiful divine matrix of the hexagram is within our bones. Now we have the Gnomes as the guardians of crystals and stones and bones!
So why am I writing all of this - because the Gnomes are pestering me to. They want people to be more aware of them. They want to have co-creative fun with more humans. AND they are seriously asking us to create Gnome Stations for them. These can be indoors or out-of-doors. If they are indoors it is best to have them on the ground floor. Gnomes don't do so well with heights. They like to have their Gnome feet on solid ground. If you are making an indoor Gnome Station it is a good idea to have an indoor tree as a focal point. It is also really healthy for us to grow lots of plants and indoor trees in our homes. It helps to keep our air clear and vital.
One last thing. Cats have an interesting relationship with Gnomes. If you see your cat darting across the room with its tail off to one side that cat is more than likely chasing a Gnome. Cats do not tend to catch Gnomes and on the rare occasion that they do they will only tease them and let them go. Only a really naughty cat would harm a Gnome. However, this Gnome chasing hobby of cats is a little disconcerting to the Gnomes and so they tend to avoid cats and get a little nervous, understandably so, when they encounter a cat looking to have some fun. So please take this into consideration when building your Gnome Station. Cat proof it if necessary! I do know a very exceptional cat who is a Star Being. She is truly the most evolved cat I have ever met and one of my most beloved friends. Her name is Sole (pronounced Souly). When the Gnomes were telling me about the cats in the middle of the night last night, Sole appeared very regally and assured me she has NEVER chased a Gnome in this lifetime. Scroll down the page to see her. Here is a photo of beloved Sole on duty. She is the guardian cat of one of my very favorite places to visit, the I AM Presence temple home of my dearest friend Kiara.
When Sole and her Gnomes came in last night the Gnomes showed me that those in Crestone, Colorado are very particular Gnomes. They are the guardians of the Crest- Stones that are all over that area. These stones are remarkable in their beauty and they come in so many different colors. Often one stone is a tapestry of many colors. Crestone Gnomes take their work very seriously, as Crestone is holding the Crown Chakra expansion point for America.
I think I have written enough for the moment. It truly is my hope that we have shared enough here to inspire you to action on behalf of the precious Gnomes.
Because of all the Faerie and Gnome activity recently I am offering a Saturday morning class, 75 - 90 minutes in length, to go over the Ritual of the Faerie Ring of the Green World. This will be an opportunity to learn about this Ring, a magical meeting place you can co-create with Faerie, or review your existing knowledge of the Ring. Every time I do this Class it is slightly different. Each participant will receive some pages of written instruction after the class. You can register here if you wish. The Gnomes would LOVE you all to come along! And that very Sirius Leprechaun is beckoning to you too!!!!
Class on how to make
the Ritual of Faerie Ring of the Green world
and to learn about its many uses.
Regarding the classes that are now in session  - The Call of the Unicorn - you can still register for all 12 classes if you wish until the end of February. I will simply send you the call-back number for the first classes that you have missed. Our gatherings are deep, and lighthearted, full of the inspiration of the Faerie Realm. We are being graced by the Presence of some truly wonderful Beings of Faerie. The forum is also up and going now and adding great connections between participants. Life is good!!!!