A sample of three poems from:

Moon Orb and Under

Early Poems for Daniel

1983-1987 Bavaria

Moon Orb
And under evening
Your quiet night
Falls home
Is where the feeling
Heart is warm
And whole I am
A cupped thought
In a king’s dream.


I have a dream that we will return
With firm feet on the full soil
And regain the innate balance
Beneath the gold orb sun
Like a great mother
Above the ancient water.
Our bones are there too you know
Like white ash scattered in the mountains
Our bones have grown into the roots of trees
Our spirit a little in every fruit that is eaten
On the mandarin moon plateas and olive groves.
Yes we will sit again beneath the oleanders
You and I together and the dream child
And in the stillness after evening
Our thoughts will reflect back
From the infinite space of our own becoming
And we will go out no more.


Ripe morning hangs golden
As I watch you
Gatherer of dawn fruit
Move with familiar grace
Through this unfolding
Look now the sun on the mountain
Look again it is climbing
Infinity, not before or after
But now, in you
And in the pomegranate hue
Of the morning.