Sacred Journeys to Ireland

Sacred Journey Ireland 2013


I will be facilitating a Sacred Journey in Ireland 22 Apr – 5 May, 2013

Below you can read the schedule. This will be a very special journey. We will visit carefully selected places, ones very dear to my own heart. My intention is to open the experience of the group to the myth and magic of my native land. This trip is under the inspiration of my Inner Planes Mentor, Lord Lugh. Each day we will travel deeply into the magic of the land and explore the ancient ways of Ireland that are resurfacing now for the present times. It will be helpful if you have read my book The Flaming Serpent as an introduction to this myth and magic

The group will consist of 15 people including myself. At the moment we have four spaces remaining. Please consider if this special journey is for you. If you feel a resonance in your heart, please let me know as soon as possible. When you send me an email I will send you the details of the cost ($3,295) of the journey and other information that will be helpful to you.


Schedule for Ireland Trip April/May 2013

22 Apr. evening at the Park Hotel at Shannon Airport

We will have an after dinner gathering in the lounge

for introductions.

23 Apr. bus pickup. Drive from Shannon to Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry.

Skelligs area 23, 24, 25, 26 April

During one of these days we will go to Skellig Michael weather permitting.

On the other two days we will visit other sites of significance.

27 Apr. drive to Athlone

Coosan Cottage, Athlone 27, 28 April

Coosan is an eco-friendly guesthouse.

On 28 Apr. we will visit Clonmacnoise.

29 Apr. we will visit Uisneach (Sacred Mother Hill at Heart of Ireland).

We will then continue the drive to Castel Baldwin in Sligo.

Clevery and Tower Hill 29, 30 April and May 1

30 April we will visit various important sites such as the Faery Glen and

the Labby Stone (dolmen on the cover of my book).

1 May will be Bealtaine and we will spend it on Carrowkeel,

Sacred Mountain of the Tuatha Dé with two subterranes. Important activation.

May 2 drive to Donegal.

Donegal Cottages 2, 3, 4 May

These cottages will be self-catering.

3 May we will go to Tory Island (again weather permitting).

This is the birth-place of Lord Lugh.

4 May we will go to Glencolmcille ~ a place steeped in the ancient energies ~ and also imbued with the energies of Colmcille (St. Columba who founded the monastery on Iona).

5 May drive to Shannon, Park Inn Hotel at Shannon Airport

Closing of our Sacred Journey that evening after dinner. 






You are invited to journey with us


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