A sample of three poems from:

Sacred Hoop

Colorado 2000-2001

Dancing the Beat of the Drum
(for Gretchen)

You move like the wind through your body
corpan speire are luas na gaoithe (1)
you gather stars through your fingertips
biuochas do Ri na reann (2)
the bowl of your hips is potent with creation
you are ancient

your hair hangs like celtic fire as you sip your wine
and we travel together through the mists
of straight arrow time back to the sacred circle

essentially yourself that is the beauty you earth
spirit of wind, anam lan de cheol (3)
mind of fire, rhythm of wombman
dancing the beat of the drum

1 sky body moving on the wind
2 thanks to the king of the stars
3 soul full of music



The cauldron of this Celtic Cosmos is in heat
And we are living this in the sub-atomic
Faery kingdoms of our souls, a chuisle
I can see the ether lights about your head
Inside the cellular chambers, lampa draiochta
You are all lit up with this Cosmic seething
And I am here, well pools in my eyes, fainne si
The faery ring of sight is spiraling through
My spirit-body and weaving otherworldly visions
Holy-well, talamh beannaithe
This hallowed space of multi-dimensional beings,
Magneticaly attracted across universes of inner space
This is the great wedding, the Cosmic feast
And the drum is beating fast and faster still
It is the great coming together of the anciently new
Birthing a Cosmic reunion of stars
I bealach na greine
We follow the path of the sun.

a chuisle (my darling)
lampa draiochta (magical lamps)
fainne si (faery ring)
talamh beannaithe (sacred ground)

I bealach na greine (In the path of the sun)



The Faerie Realm

Blessed is the Faerie Realm, for it works unseen by most
Yet when seen beautiful beyond telling
Blessed be the silent wings that fill the air spaces
Of all being, pouring faery nectar into
The heart vessels and minds cups of our humanness
Blessed be the dancing feet that touch the earth
And dance within the cellular chambers of our bodies
Blessed be the carriers of healing portions, magical cures
Forgotten dreams, wild loves, the season bearers
The moon beam weavers, the faeries of notes and half notes
That sing the songs of peace, the songs of wild abandon
The beaters of the sacred drum
I honour you all and bow before you in gratitude,
For the dreams you weave about my heart,
The hopes you bring when I have lost my way
Help me to remember for us all
That there can be not fear
When we know without a human doubt
That you are here.