A Sample of three poems from:

Songs of Brigid’s Daughter
by Aine

Colorado 2001


Mother Brigid when I was young
You cradled me in your crescent moon
Sailing the skies o’er Avalon
Avalon, Avalon, Isle of the summer sun
Seeds of the crystal moon, bright stars of faery
Avalon, Avalon, how long have I been gone
How long without a song godmother mine

Moons ago, years ago I flew away
Tucked in the folds of your owl wings
Dreary day, weary day, how long have I to stay
This side the mists of my dreams

I seek the faery well, holy well waters
That brings back the sight of the heart
Whispers and faery dreams, o’er the lip of the seen
The ferryman makes a start

Brigid of ancient stones
I call from inside my bones
Open the way through the mists

Imbolc is here to-day gather me over
Back to the land of my source.


Priestess of Olde

Priestess of Olde here is your scroll
Open the door you’ve been here before
Many moons and all those tunes
Take out the robe, the sickle, the ankh
Take out the drum, the return has begun

Return upon the spiral wings
Opening out to the land of dream
We are the ones of the trodden way
We are the sisters of yesterday

Look into the eyes you see
Ancient Ones of the living tree
We are the leaves, the bark, the sap
We are the seasons that turn and lap
Upon the shores of the ancient dream
Upon the wings of the future scene

Turnabout the call has come
See the circle has been spun
Welcome home to the faerie ring
To the winged rains of heaven
Turnabout and open the door
Walk through the ones you have been before
Spiraling homeward to the stars
Nothing can stop us now we’ve come this far.


The Gethsemane of Where we met.

Beneath this tree of flame
I sit wrapped up in pain
The great bird of my soul so brave
Has flown in to this earthen grave
This rocking of my shell
Is all I need of hell

Before me on the morning ground
I light a fire and make a sound
The keening of a lost soul
Comes in waves from within the bowl
Of my empty loins
And on the path beneath the sun
A heart stone shines, two halves in One
I place the stone within the fire
And watch the heart blaze on the pyre
Within my chest the pain still grows
Until all parts of my being know
That I have left you far behind
And still my love cries out in time
For union

The thunder rolls around my sky
Raining all illusion from my eyes
And I walk down with earthen feet
To the roaring river of love’s defeat

The rain is falling through my head
My feet are growing roots instead
I used to fly up to the sun
Before this anguish of love began

I drop the grace of youth this day
And turn my body into clay
I throw myself into the fire
Still this pain will not expire

Within the fire three suns appear
The shining ones with love so clear
You are the mystery they say to me
The pain of love, the burning tree

This anguish you are living now
Is love in form, the all, the now
Burn brightly as the stars appear
And we will bring the chalice here

But all I know is the ripping flesh
The Gethsemane of where we met
I crave your presence in wild despair
I cannot see the stars appear

They bring the chalice of our love
Its inside reflects the stars above
I raise it to the lips of hell

And deeply drink into my shell
The great bird of eternal song
I drink until all life is gone

My body burns into a flame
That carries love’s eternal name
And in the center of my pain
This flower of gentle love remains.