A sample of three poems from:

Songs of the Triple Goddess

by Aine

2002 -

Heart of Stars

Heart of stars, you are
In this garden of vulnerability
And through the fabric of your body
You come through, ensouling
The star frequencies of sacred geometries

Envisage the gateways within you
That lead out, that lead in
Beneath the moon and sun
Beneath the stars of longing
For your return

You are a quivering soul thread
Of encoded light, decoding now
Into your bones so bright.


Faery Fiddler

I watch you
I see through your skin
I know the rhythm of your bones
The echo of your soul tones

You raise the fiddle in your arms
Like a lover cups the beloved in embrace
You draw the bow across the strings
I know the landscape of your face

Your music soars up through the room
Right into the heart, into the womb
You sit with your eyes closed
I know where it is that your soul goes

Your fingers move across the strings
Stripping us clean of unwanted things
That have lingered in our fields of life
You are the harvester, your music the knife

Your music weaves about our minds
Echoing through from the ancient times
I watch you as you drift through dream
And open us out to the unseen.

I know the onyx of your eyes
The passion that breaks through all disguise
Beyond your head of midnight curls
Faery Fiddler of the unseen world


I Am That Which Stands

I Am that which stands, I Am the holding space
I Am the ONE who remembers the call of the wild
The caress of the wind through the altar of my heart
The swift upward rush beneath the wings of the eagle,
The hawk, the raven’s black mystery of unknown wonders

I Am that which stands, I Am the holding space
For you, Beloved of my soul, ancient ONE of the way
The Druid that stands cloaked in the wings of the Goddess
I AM that which knows the inner song of fusion

I stand holding the space for emerging pain to heal
Emerging glory, emerging gods
I Am the stones of wisdom,
The henge of earth that is married to the stars

Listen to the whispers of passion that embrace your aching night
Listen to the song in the dark that leads you to the light

I AM that which stands for you