The Faerie Godmothers

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 The 13 Faerie Godmothers

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Note: This is a membership-based “on demand” course format. In addition to instructions, you will receive an email message after purchasing where you will set up your own user account and password in order to have access to a web page link to listen and download all MP3s.

In 2011 I gave a series of 12 Transmissions on the 13 Faerie Godmothers

introducing each one of them. These transmissions took us deeply

into the magical realms. Since then I have been offering individual

sessions for existing clients only, with the Faerie Godmothers.

Recently their energy has been coming in very strongly and they

have been urging me to re-introduce them and to open out the

energies they represent once again.


For this reason I have asked Scott (my web oracle) to make the

12 recordings available thru my website as mp3 downloads.

In this way you can buy all 12 recordings and listen to them in your

own time. Buying the recordings will also make you eligible to have

a private reading or ongoing readings where you can connect more

deeply and in a personal way with these beautiful and powerful

Mothers of the Faerie Realm.


The transmissions take the form of magical, guided, inner journeys

thru the inner landscape of Faerie. You will get to know, or to

revisit the Sacred Garden where the Magical Apple Tree grows at

the center, a portal into the inner realms of the White Ladies

of Faerie.


You will journey into and thru the Forest of the Golden Hawks,

revisit the Oak and the mystletoe, journey thru the sacred

inner landscape of Ireland thru the Boyne Valley, Tara,

Neachtán’s Well, even visit with the Inner Beings of the

the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Sidhe. Beings such as

Fíonn Mac Cumhal and Nuada.


At a time when our Earth Mother is under great stress from the

abuse of her unconscious children, who continue to plunder her

resources and poison her waters, it is actually a powerful thing to

attune to the Inner Lands of purity and regeneration and fill ourselves

anew with pristine energies. We can revitalize ourselves and become

an inspiration in the world thru our attunement.


Our Mother needs us as never before, to love her and care for her.

Working consciously with the Faerie Godmothers can not only assist us

as individuals, but can help to raise the consciousness of the collective.


Originally the transmissions were $13.13 each coming to a total of

$158. (6 hours of listening).

You can buy all 12 transmissions now for


Note:  This is a membership-based “on demand” course format.  In addition to instructions, you will receive an email message after purchasing where you will set up your own user account and password in order to have access to a web page link to listen and download all MP3s.

Buying The full set will also make you eligible for personal readings and

deeper work with these magical beings.


In my book The Flaming Serpent we also learn quite some about the

inner magical lands. There is one chapter in particular where

Tayah (the heroine) is brought to a cottage by the sea to be

treated by a Faerie Doctor, after she has suffered greatly in body

and soul. While I was writing my book I did actually experience these

magical beings so intensely that for five months the inner lands

were more real to me than the outer lands. Many of you have read my

book. If you haven’t it is available for purchase on my website.

As we move along at a rapid speed thru this time of elevation

and wonder, and the accompanying stresses and pains of our

rapid growth, attuning to the Faerie Godmothers can be deeply

healing, specifically if you carry a faerie streaming within your

own being. If so the outer lands can feel too harsh at times

and journeying back into the sourcing of the pure lands can

be just the medicine our bodies and souls need to continue

this rather strenuous journey of enlightenment and



You are invited to purchase a set of all 12 Transmissions



Love and blessings


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