Last night I received a clear directive, having received four more quiet directives over the past two months. This morning the 'message' was throbbing through my consciousness, and needs to be shared today. Interestingly today at 6 pm begins the season of Bealtaine (Beltaine), which is one of the most powerful times of the year for me.

I have received a message from the Tree Nation. The request of the Devas of the Trees is that there be ten minutes every week where we 'join together in consciousness' with the Trees of the Earth and give them our support. This, they say, is necessary for them, and necessary for us. The time they suggest is Noon every Tuesday, Noon no matter where you are. The objective will be to have a collective in each time zone of earth, so that there is always some of us 'joining in consciousness' with the Tree Nation.

Four years ago I had a very real experience which I shelved as one of the many extraordinary things that was suddenly happening to me after my wake up experience on Mt. Shasta. One day I was going about my daily business when all of a sudden I heard a 'call' to go to a tree in the Amazon Basin. I was immediately out of my body and traveling at high speed. Within moments I was inside the body of a huge Grandfather Tree in the Rainforest. I was aware that there were millions of us inside this tree, and that we were all wood nymphs. The land around the tree was being devastated and the roots of this Great Grandfather Tree were endangered. All of us who 'carried the wood nymph and Tree spirits frequency' had been called from all over the world. Until that experience I did not know I carried that frequency. This Great Tree held such an important energetic power, that when it was endangered the call went out all over the world for help. Unfortunately we did not succeed in keeping the Tree stable and it fell. Its etheric form still exists, which cannot be as effective as the physical form. It is the physical form that is all important in the particular movement of consciousness that we, as a collective, are now experiencing. I learned a lot and felt a lot through that experience.

The call I am hearing now, is louder. It needs to take a physical form - a physical message sent to as many people as possible. Those of you who hold the frequency of the Tree Nation as a streaming within your own consciousness will truly 'feel' the importance of this message. We all hold many streamings. Whether you have this particular streaming or not you can help - because we are all essentially ONE BODY.

This has been an interesting two weeks for me. Life tends to be interesting these days. Have you noticed that?! Since I sent out the message from the Trees I have received many messages back from people all over the place. Many are saying that they are hearing similar messages. Some have said they are hearing the messages coming from the Stones, and Plants. Please DO listen to these messages. If they are coming to YOU, then they are for you to share.
Within three days of the message going out I had word that it had reached India, Pakistan, Australia (big response! thank you Australia!!) New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Canada and Peru. There will be a special gathering in Peru to acknowledge the Rainforests. This is the power of our sharing. I am amazed, delighted and thrilled. Thank you to ALL of you who have forwarded this message and I would LOVE the original message to keep going further and further afield - to Africa, Russia, China, Tibet, Japan and everywhere ALL over the world.
The Trees are continuing to talk to me! Their message this week was that it is ONLY possible for us to injure them BECAUSE we are capable of injuring ourselves. They have been showing me visually and practically how we have lost our SELF ESTEEM as a Race of People. We no longer consider our bodies sacred, and so it is inevitable that we do not consider the Trees sacred either. They say that the beginning of the healing of the planet is in each HUMAN BODY. They are asking us to acknowledge the walking miracles we are, with all our bodily functions. Our bodies house our inborn Spirits. We are magnificently crafted. 
The Trees ask us to be in relationship with a Tree, a chosen tree and to pay particular attention to it, to take particular care of it - and then to do the same for our own body. Our bodies hold incredible wisdom through our ability to FEEL. Pay attention to your feelings. There is TRUTH in our feelings that our minds can deny. The body, as Caroline Myss has said, Never Lies. The body of the Trees cannot lie either. They are reflecting perfectly to us the state of our own being.
Those who have bought the graphic are finding that the vibrancy of having it in their space is very powerful. This graphic is available on my website here from the Spirit Art section of this website. This graphic truly anchors in the Hologram of the Tree Nation's health and wellbeing. At the moment I have some little branches of Madronna available for orders within the USA. I will send them along with the picture.
If you have sent me a message and not heard back from me, that is simply because I have not had the time to reply to all the messages. I have, however, READ them all and I am attempting to answer them all in this reply!!!
This is a reminder to join in with the ten minute meditation every Tuesday, at noon, no matter where you are. The original message is on my website You will see a link to it on the Home page under An Important Message from the Trees.
Thank you SO much
From the Heart Wood of the Tree Nation
and from this Faerie Heart!!!
Aine. (Ahnya)

While visiting Orcas Island two years ago I met the Madronna Trees in a beautiful and truly magical grove. I took some of the fallen branches home with me. Last summer those branches spoke to me and asked me to draw a Madronna Streaming. I realized while drawing this that the Madronna carries very ancient energies all the way to Lemuria. It is a Mother Tree and a portal tree into the Faerie Realm. It is also, as are all trees, a portal into the extended Tree Nation. This graphic can be used in meditation to connect in more deeply with the Tree Nation. The Trees suggest that you use it during the ten minute meditation at Noon on Tuesdays. Here it is:

Celtic Fire Spirit Art - Madronna

Reproductions of this graphic are available through my website. $33 includes shipping and handling.

This graphic 'anchors in' the energy of the Tree Nation where ever it is.

The Trees suggest that during the Noon meditation every Tuesday you send them the pure energies of LOVE by FEELING it. You can do this simply by feeling it, ( there is great profoundity in the simple ways), through sending Reiki, or Bio-energy, Sound Healing - whatever modality you practice. For those of you who are transmitters of the Oneness Deeksha from Bhagavan and Amma please consider sending this Deeksha to the Trees. They ask us also to RECEIVE from them. That is why they are here, to be in co-creation with us. They hold great wisdom. They suggest doing the meditation where ever you happen to be. Other suggestions are sitting under a tree and placing your spine against the trunk, holding a branch of a tree while indoors, sitting close to an indoor tree. If by any wonderful chance you can be in a woodland or forest, this would be optimum. If you have a deep relationship with one species of Tree ask them to carry the energy for you to their extended Nation.

I ask that you send this message to your email lists. It is important that the message get out around Mother Earth entirely. Please send it to contacts you have outside the United States, particularly any contacts you have in the regions of the Rainforest.

And a last word from the Trees is that we listen to the whispers of guidance and follow through with them. Each one of us has particular work to do at this time. We are all being called.

All Blessings to you from the Tree Nation and from me!!


Noon on Tuesdays, where ever you are, for ten minutes