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2024 Summer Solstice Through Gate 15
Friday, June 21 – 6:30pm Mountain Time

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White Bird Blessing Circlehealing disc
Every other Tuesday – Free to Participate
Sing Love, Speak Love, Pray Love
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Because We Are Starseed

Because we are Starseed
The Universe moves in our blood
As mothers we feed our children
The milky way through our bosoms
As men we carry the seeds of unborn galaxies
Pouring them into the fertile wombs
of tomorrow’s Starfields

Our Chakras are intergalactic receivers and
transmitters of Source
In spontaneously free ever flowing pulses
of eternal, ongoing creations
Seeded in the Great Silence of unspeakable Love

Divinely crafted we have immediate access
to the full holographic ever expanding realities
of our consummate Being
The whole, infinitesimal in its detail, in its beauty
ever seeding new star communities
along the riverbanks of sacred sound

© Áine

Beloved I AM

I am the Magnetic Heart of Love
Love is the cohesive power
I AM the Perfect Image
Into the house of the Beloved –

Hear the scented garden
Nectar filled
See the morning star
Drink of the star radiant waters

Electrons of Cosmic Perfection
Receive the balm of peace
Between your orbs of splendor
Birthing Suns of
My Inner Universe
Behold the Immaculate Image

Blessed be the Seraphim of Bey
Forever welcomed here the Cherubim
Beyond the world of shadow now
We meet –
One Purpose, One Glory, One Love
I AM the Beloved
Beloved I AM
Always and forever
Beloved I AM

© Áine

Be Still Beloved One

Be still Beloved One
Resting on the blue surface of the Inner Ocean
We are Beloved, a Lotus open to the Inner Sun
Without a ripple
Peace beyond the understanding of the conscious mind
Bidden here into the eternal embrace
Through love, forever and only through love
Become a Fountain of the Presence Beloved One
An inner Fountain, Water of Eternal Being
Expanding the Heaven Worlds
Into yet unknown splendor
Pouring forth perpetuating Radiance
Creating new worlds held infinitesimally
Within the Tranquility of Immaculate Being

© Áine

The Keys of the Grandmothers.

All Life is sacred. Cast not your shadow of doubt upon another’s life.
All Life is connected. What you do to yourself you do to all of Us. Be Present.
All Life is constantly seeding. Keep the Waters Holy, so that the seeds can thrive.
All Life is birthed through the Womb of the Mother. That includes your body.
The Womb of the Mother is Holy. Stars are earthed through her glory.
The Heart of the Mother holds the Worlds within its embrace. So you are held.
The Mind of the Mother protects all the generations to come. Allow Her.
The Arms of the Mother nurture and cradle even the dead of soul.
The Breath of the Mother breathes back life where it has departed.
The Love of the Mother knows the Father.
The Love of the Mother carries the seeds of the Father to fruition.
The Love of the Mother is wise beyond words.
Her wisdom is the Heart beat of the World.

© Áine