Circle of Healing Prayer

Sing Love, Speak Love, Pray Love

Tuesday is the Day to Love More


Speak Love, Sing Love, Pray Love

Every other Tuesday in 2019
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Music (sound) is behind the working of the whole universe. Music is not only life’s greatest object, but it is life itself.

Every person is music, perpetual music, continually going on day and night; and your intuitive faculty can hear that music. That is the reason why one person is repellent and the other attracts you. It is the music s/he expresses; her/his whole atmosphere is charged with it.

Nada Brahma by Joachim-Ernst Berendt


Pure light is caused to be in your body by the light of the sun that vibrates at 528hz.

Here is what is happening to assure your existence as a manifestation of LOVE: The sun, according to NASA recordings distributed by resarcher David Sereda, vibrates fundamentally at 528hz frequency. This can be heard when the NASA recording is played with the 528 tuning fork struck simultaneously. The chlorophyll in plants receives this 528hz sound and 528nm of light, and reflects this in its color. The greenish-yellow molecule, also structurally reflecting 528, takes the input electrons, vibrating in 528, and outputs oxygen, likewise resonating in 528. The 528-resonating oxygen feeds every cell in your body. This is how LOVE actually sustains your life.

The Book of 528 by Dr. L. Horowitz


Suggested reading

The Book of 528 by Dr. L. Horowitz

The Fork in the Road by David Hulse

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Stag Tree            Stag Tree, Muckross,


Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Yeatts and Janet Nolan

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