Full Moon Pearl and Solar Seed


Our next Magical Mother Moon Meditation will take place
6 December 2014
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This year I am once more called to pay close attention to the Celestial movements of the Sun and Moon. We had a full year of gatherings in 2012 and intermittent gatherings in 2013. During my Solstice meditations (which spanned a 7 week period) I felt a deep call to hold gatherings during this year of 2014 on all the Full Moons, the 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices. It feels very important to ‘hold the course’ during the coming year. I may also turn up for the Four Celtic Feast Days. We shall see!

This year has begun with an explosion of energy on the Inner Planes ~ the higher consciousness almost ripping thru many of the inner veils that we have become accustomed to. The Sun brought in the energies of struggling to create something new by encouraging us all to be brave and take whatever ‘risks’ are necessary to free ourselves from our conditioning. The Earth awakened in the New Year with the energies of being a Provocateur, urging us to provoke within ourselves and others the necessary abundance of spirit to free us into new emotional awareness. This was by no means a quiet and peaceful turning of the Wheel.

Since New Year’s Eve many have been feeling ‘disrupted’ or challenged. The veils are getting thinner all the time, but this New Year eruption felt pretty spectacular to me. This sort of happening may hit our human lives sideways and we may, if we are off our guard, find ourselves loosing our temper, our cool, our hope, even our sanity, unexpectedly. We are dealing with more accessible energy and less veils and that is a potent mix. As the year goes on we will witness the effects of this on the inner and outer and the ‘falling apart’ that we have been seeing may heighten. It’s all relative and its all good, no matter how it appears. This is such an exciting time to be within the “experiment” of the planes of polarized consciousness and the carrot of greater awareness and freedom is now very close to our noses!

However, inner poise and the ability to witness are so important, otherwise we may feel ourselves being swept up by the strong forces of evolution that are moving thru the homogenized fields of consciousness.

When I was in Stonehenge in 2010 I had a vision that has stayed with me ~ what I call a Seed Vision ~ which is one that seeds us with a new awareness and unfolds within us over time. I saw a great Celestial Wheel over Stonehenge, revolving slowly.

This Wheel was made up of Thresholds and I was told each Threshold was an immense library of Consciousness. I was also told my understanding of the deeper meaning of this Wheel and its many libraries would become clearer to me.

Two years later in the Spring of 2013, thru my exploration of Human Design, I realized it was the Wheel that Ra Uru Hu brought thru. It is the Wheel that he uses as the foundation of the Human Design system. Within that Wheel are all the Hexagrams of the I Ching, but in a very specific order. The information within the Hexagrams of the I Ching is also the foundation of the revelation Richard Rudd has presented to us in the Gene Keys. Since then I have entered into meditation upon this Wheel and study of the 64 Thresholds and it has truly been life changing for me. My study continues. My Spiritual Brother Simeon has also extrapolated a system he now calls Soul Genesis Matrix, sourced from this information. You can read about that here if you feel drawn to Soul Genesis Matix.

The Moon ~ our wonderful Mother Moon Pearl ~ glides thru all of these 64 Gates ~ cycling around the Wheel every month. That means that the Full Moon shines thru a specific Gate each month, a different Gate, relative to a specific codon of our DNA.. Since the Moon is the energy that drives us, the Gate in which She reaches her fullness each Month sets the tone of the Moon Song for that month.

So for this year we will be pondering upon which Gate our White Lady of the Moon is shining thru in her fullness ~ and as with the Moon Pearl meditations, focusing deeply on what that means within our own Divine Anatomy.

Each of the Thresholds or Gates of the Great Wheel also represent the Wheel of our own consciousness and the 64 codons within our DNA. So every day the Moon and the Celestial Bodies are invigorating, illuminating and perhaps even provoking certain ‘states of consciousness’ within us.

This promises to be a fascinating and inspiring journey and I invite you all to join me for these monthly meditations.

Our first Full Moon of the New Year is on Wednesday evening, January 15 and we will gather on the phone at 7:30 pm MT to witness her and to receive her energies, messages and inspiration. Please note the new time. Mostly my gatherings are at 7pm, but this series will be held at 7:30pm MT.

Do consider joining us and adding your own extraordinary presence and light to the gathering.