Mentoring Level 1

I offer two basic mentoring classes, usually one week apart, approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours. These sessions are an introduction to the basic teachings of Celtic Fire and Faerie. The basic teachings are the Blueprint and underlying structure of all the work with Celtic Fire and Faerie which I have received from the Tribe of the Tuatha de Danann/Sidhe. This foundation is required to participate in my Sacred Journeys to Ireland. Each session is $120.

Some of the subjects covered in a mentoring session:

How to make a Faerie Ring – The Shining Ring of the Sidhe.
The many uses of the Ring.
Co-creating through the Faerie Ring.
Exploring who the Faeries, the Sidhe and the Tuatha de Danann really are, and what relevance they have in our life.
How to create the Faerie Frequency so that Faerie can contact us.
How to work with the Devas of Nature.
Meditating in Nature.
How to connect and work with the Nature Spirits of your own energy system, the Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines and Gnomes.

What I offer through Celtic Fire is not just an objective learning about the Faerie Realm, but a way for you to experience the magic yourself, a way for you to learn the tools for contacting Faerie and eventually for journeying into their Realm on your own. My Sacred Journeys to Ireland bring this awareness to a whole new level, as we attune to the Ancient Megaliths and Sacred Portals of the Old Tribe.

This contact has changed my own life, changed everything about how I relate to nature, to the trees, and the water and the sky. It has changed how I relate to animals and flowers. Must importantly it has changed how I relate to myself, because my journey with Faerie, since they re-entered my life some years ago, has been a journey of discovering truly who they are, and the huge part of my own being that is of their Realm.

There are many, many misconceptions of who the Faeries are. Please read my article in Musings entitled Who Are the Faeries? The Faeries and humans are still vitally interconnected though the relationship has become dysfunctional in many ways. This is the time for healing between our two realms. Through healing our own Heart Light we open the magical door to the Faerie Realm within our own extended being. This is the Magical Realm of the Sidhe, the Faerie Beings of myth and legend.

I also offer ongoing PRIVATE MENTORING for those who have taken the basic classes. Through personal sessions you can deepen your work with the Faerie Realm. I work consciously with the Inner Council of the Celtic Fire and my sessions offer insight and support on a profound level. The Council of the Celtic Fire is one of the Councils of Living Light that is working with us through this time of major transition on Earth. Each session is
These sessions are available by telephone. If an international call is
involved the cost must be paid by you.

Please contact me through this site if you are interested.

Private Mentoring Sessions are 90 minutes

$120 if paid by check

$124 online payment through Paypal