Mentoring Level 2

As I mentioned I am now offering mentoring classes at a second level, for those who have taken the first class and wish to go deeper. The focus of this second class is the energetic exploration of the Inner Ring of the Old Tribe. I will cover in these class – (that will take the form of two one and a half hour sessions) – the deeper teaching of the Celtic Fire.

The Inner Ring will be discussed in detail – the Ring that is within the Faerie Ring of the Green World.

This will include:

  • The appropriate gem stones for anchoring in the Inner Ring.
  • An introduction to the members of the Tuatha de Danann – particularly those who are actively holding the energy of the Inner Ring.
  • The four treasures of the Tuatha that they carried/carry from the Inner World – including a discussion of the Four Sacred Cities.
  • How to activate the Ring and use it in our lives.
  • An introduction, with Energy Art, to the main portals in Ireland of the Tuatha de Danann.

This energy Art is not included in the cost of the class, and can be bought through my

This class, as with the first level of mentoring, is an introduction to many powerful energies. Through personal sessions these energies can be further introduced into your life.

Private Mentoring Sessions are 90 minutes

$120 if paid by check

$124 online payment through Paypal