Soulstream Art

Soul Stream Art 1
Soul Stream Art 2
Soul Stream Art 3

I want to share this particular aspect of my work with you.

I began drawing Soul Stream Activators in the spring of 2006. I had gone through what I have begun to call a ‘quickening’, where the Consciousness is going through a palpable change in frequency. One of the effects of this quickening was that I began to see and feel more intensely what was presenting in the inner realms. So often people would ask me ‘what do you see’ and there was no way I could describe it. One day while in Council I asked what I could do to transfer this awareness to those who were asking and I was told that I could draw what I saw. I didn’t quite believe that because what I see moves so rapidly and is so intricate and detailed.

However, I was told to take a ‘snap shot’ of what was presenting and then to start drawing. I did. The graphic included on the top of this page was the result. When it was done I knew it was my own Soul Stream.

What is a Soul Stream? We exist on many planes of being simultaneously. When we get to the level where everything is energy, that energy is visible. It also has a sound, a frequency. When I tune into someone I begin to see these incredibly beautiful patterns streaming into their body. I know that what I see is encoded. It holds the seeds of awareness. The color and the design are the visible form of the Soul around the person. A Soul Stream Activator represents the Soul energy in color. It is a snap shot of an incredibly intricate living energy of light. By having this we can meditate on it and activate codes that may be still sleeping. We can bring our awareness to another level. The art is beyond the language we speak in words. It is an energetic download The ‘picture’ keeps changing rapidly. What I bring through is a seeded form, so that it has many layers of energy in there to be activated.

People who have had their Soul Stream drawn by me have had various experiences of ‘getting more in touch’ with themselves, with their work, with their awareness and appreciation of themselves. Since this is a snap shot of Soul energy it is also very empowering and can be used in ones work to boost our energy and to bring our Presence in as a visual. It is very powerful.

I have also done Soul Stream Art for animals. I love to do this, because I love animals, and they really appreciate being seen and acknowledged on this level. Having a Soul Stream of your animal friends helps ground in your relationship with them. It helps them to anchor in more fully because they know they are being seen and acknowledged on a level they are already aware of.

Lately I got to do my first family portrait of Souls. This was a wonderful experience. We do incarnate in families for a very specific reason and having a portrait of all the Souls truly helps the balance and the purpose of why we are together.

When I am around a pregnant woman I see the Soul Stream of the unborn child. I have not yet drawn one of these, but I look forward to doing so. I know that it would be a beneficial thing after the birth also, for the baby to have their Soul Stream where they sleep.