“I was mysteriously yet strongly drawn to participate in a Celtic Fire and Faerie weekend workshop, knowing little about Áine, the magical Faeries, or Celtic history. I was generously blessed to meet Áine as an enthusiastic delightful tour guide through the powerful intriguing realms of the Tuatha de Danann and the Faeries. It was a great honor to witness her humility and her profound respect for all the Beings of Nature and Celtic Fire energy. She created a sacred inclusive space for group sharing and cohesiveness throughout the weekend. In both this class and within a life-opening private Faerie reading, Áine easily shared deep rich wisdom and crystal-clear insights straight from her generous open heart. If you desire to rediscover your own long-forgotten connections to the Spirits of Nature and to ignite ancient wisdom and creative fires within, I highly recommend Áine as a radiant Star on the Shining Path of the Sidhe. I thank her and the Faeries for all that they have inspired within my life.”

~Loris Sofia Gregory, Apple Valley, Minnesota

It was a beautiful weaving of synchronicities that guided me to Aine and the Celtic Fire and Faerie. My heart was deeply longing to re-member not only my Celtic roots, but also the song of my inner Being, and the sacred union of my sovereign self. In the company of Aine, the Sidhe, and Celtic Fire and Faerie I have awakened more fully to all three.

Aine is a beacon of light shining from the heart. She creates a powerfully loving, safe, and sacred space for the teachings of the magic and mystery of the Sidhe to come forward. She beautifully and powerfully embodies many of the archetypes that can take us on a journey of our own remembering. She is a storyteller, a poet, a teacher, a healer, a wise elder, a child of playful innocence, a maiden, a mother, a Priestess, and more. She has a depth of understanding and compassion for the challenge of being here, in the now, as a spiritual being having a human experience. She brings gentleness, joy, love, laughter, wisdom, patience, depth and heart into all that she does. Her deep love, respect, and appreciation for nature and the devas opens up a space for reconnection for the same within each of us that can ground and anchor us firmly here as walkers between worlds. My own inner child rebirthed within the safety of Aine’s healing touch and the teachings of Celtic Fire and Faerie, the faerie-nature realms, and the devas.

The journey to remember and anchor firmly in our sovereign selves is, I feel, the heart and soul of each of our destinies here on this earth. In my experience, that is also the heart and soul of Aine’s teachings and Celtic Fire and Faerie. Immersing oneself in what truly feels like a cradle of love through Aine’s heart-centered gifts as a facilitator of Celtic Fire and Faerie is an opportunity for coming home to self and soul on all levels.

~Jeri Birdsall

Aine carries a very high energy and is dedicated to being in integrity with it. She is very dedicated to the nature realms and I’m grateful she carries the Tuatha de Danaan to remind me of my own tribe. Her playfulness is delightful and her information is very clear. I look forward to more play with her.

~Iona Miller

I journeyed with Aine in Ireland as she led our group into intimate contact with the Faerie, with the Sidhe. We traveled to other realms, within as well as beyond, time and space. If that sounds a bit fantastic……..it was. An incredible life giving experience.

~Brad Johnson

“In my experience Aine’s work is beautifully inspired and powerful. I was most impressed with the consistently high level of energy and information that was sustained throughout the course of the workshop. Clarity, gentleness, lightness and a delicious sense of humor prevailed.Her integrity, dedication and surrender to her work touched me deeply and I am thankful for her presence in my life.”

~Orion Jabu

“What an enlightening workshop!!! Aine’s giddy upbeat personality was contagious. She answered our questions with such joy and delight. Spending the weekend learning about the Fairy Realm was an experience that I will treasure always. I would love to attend her other workshops. Since the workshop I perceive Nature with more depth and respect. I feel so blessed to have met Aine.”

~Christy Mesojedec, Embarrass, MN

“I took a workshop from Aine in spring 2005. Her knowledge and
teaching was full of clarity and dedication. She led us through the
overview of the various energies we’d be working with. The love she
has for the kingdoms she works with is clearly communicated in these
teachings. She carefully led us through the various processes we would
use in our own locales and I left feeling excited about the new tools
I had. I would recommend Aine and her work to any aware being who
wishes to deepen their connection to the unseen.”

~Rita Faruki

“Áine moves directly from the heart. She has become a passionate voice for the
Tuatha Dé Dannan and her allies in the Otherworld. Her words bring healing and
she opens doors of perception that you never knew you had. Áine is like soma.
Drink her up and you will come away a different person.”

~Benn Mac Stíophán, Director of Tuatha

“The world of Celtic Fire is a calling that can only be heard through the soul.
An incredible awakening begins upon entering. The doors open one by one.
What once seemed mysterious becomes familiar. You remember you’ve been here
before – but are you ready to plunge in again? You become exposed to an ancient
way of being and that may frighten you but you’re willing to take the chance.
Because you’ve been called you trust that feeling. It’s different now, nothing will hurt you.
The timing is perfect. Once in, amazing possibilities arise and you remember that’s
why you went there before. You were meant to be here. It’s where you belong.”

~Janet Nolan

“When I wanted to discover Celtic rituals and roots, Aine appeared and I attended
a wonderful workshop with incredible information, awareness, transformative
exercises and was taken on a journey that few people can take you on in a kind, caring,
fun and daring way. Always a blessing and a treasure to be around Aine and all the
fairy folks she attracts.”

~Cindy, Colorado

I cherish my time spent with Celtic Fire through both private work and group
work with Aine. I have always felt safe and comfortable in the sacred space that is
created for the experience. And Aine has a distinct talent for bringing out the wise
divine child in each of us. Each event has been a unique and magical interaction
spanning the physical and non-physical realms, and sprinkled liberally with love,laughter,
and acceptance. I am grateful to have been blessed with knowing Aine and Celtic Fire.

~Namaste, Debbie